BofA $20 Billion Environmental Initiative

Charlotte, NC (March 6, 2007)- Moving beyond internal business practices, Bank of America announced a $20 billion environmental initiative to address global climate change. The 10-year initiative encourages the development of environmentally sustainable business practices through lending, investing, philanthropy and the creation of new eco-friendly products and services. In addition, Bank of America is financially committed to supporting customer projects and addressing internal practices to achieve LEED certification.

“Over the last decade, Bank of America has implemented programs that have significantly reduced the environmental impact of our own operations,” said Kenneth D. Lewis, Bank of America chairman and CEO. “Today, we have a tremendous opportunity to support our customer’s efforts to build an environmentally sustainable economy- through innovative home and office construction, new manufacturing technology, changes in transportation, and new ways to supply our energy.”
Under its environmental initiative, Bank of America will emphasize the business opportunities created by “green” economic growth by providing critical financing to encourage the development of environmentally sustainable products and technology; accelerate the deployment of existing technology; and increase energy efficiency.
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