Carmel neighbors planting trees today

By Melanie D. Hayes
Carmel, IN (October 27, 2009)- October is NeighborWoods month- meant to promote the importance of trees in communities- and the city government is participating in a celebration today with several other groups. Carmel is partnering with Little Star Center, Trees Indiana, and Ricoh Business Solutions to host the first Tree Stars Project today in the Little Star Center Playground, 12726 Hamilton Crossing Blvd. Carmel.

The tree-planting project was to run through 4 p.m., and include a proclamation by Mayor Jim Brainard at the beginning, according to a Carmel government news release. Carmel’s urban forestry staff and committee are providing 15 ornamental trees and tree-planting expertise for the event.
Little Star Center offers therapeutic intervention and programs for children with autism, and the Tree Stars Project will help teach kids life skills and how to protect and give back to the local ecosystem, the release said.
Trees Indiana is an organization that educates youth in the state on how to plant, protect and preserve the forests in their communities. Trees Indiana is providing a curriculum for children at Little Star Center that includes learning about a tree’s life cycle and the benefits of trees, according to the news release.
“Research indicates a direct link between exposure to nature and healthy childhood development and we’re very excited to promote this opportunity to the children of the Little Star Center,” said Carol Cavell, executive director of Trees Indiana, in the news release. The idea for the project was developed between Cavell and her son, Matt Cavell, an account executive for Ricoh Business Solutions, when he proposed that they partner on a service project, the release said.
The purpose of the events is “to celebrate the benefits of trees and how the planting of trees can enhance a child’s learning. During National NeighborWoods Month, we want to share the message that planting and caring for trees adds value to our communities,” according to the news release.
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