Carmel Plans Neighborhood Tree Planting for NeighborWoods Month

Carmel, IN (October 10, 2008)- In celebration of NeighborWoods Month, the City of Carmel, the Carmel Urban Forestry Committee, and the Fairgreen Trace homeowners are partnering for a tree planting in the Fairgreen Trace neighborhood on Saturday, October 18th at 9 a.m. This event is one of dozens of re-greening efforts throughout the country being promoted during October, which has been declared National NeighborWoods Month by the national nonprofit organization, Alliance for Community Trees (ACT). The City of Carmel is member of ACT’s NeighborWoods Network. NeighborWoods Month also celebrates trees and raises awareness for the value of urban forests. It is sponsored through a generous grant from The Home Depot Foundation.

A total of 33 trees will be planted along Fairgreen Drive and Quail Glen Court in Fairgreen Trace. An additional 25 trees and 45 shrubs will be planted along the Monon Greenway to act as a buffer for the Monon Farms neighborhood. The trees are approximately two inches in diameter and 10 to 14 feet tall. The neighborhood residents were able to choose what species of trees to plant from a list. They also agreed to water them for a minimum of one year after planting. The trees planted along the Monon Greenway will be maintained by the Parks Department.
This is the 13th year for Carmel’s Fall Neighborhood Tree Planting Program. Through this partnership, the City will purchase the trees, the Street and Parks Departments will pre-dig the holes for the trees and the Urban Forestry staff will provide tree-planting expertise for the neighborhood. The City will also assume responsibility for these trees when they need pruning or replacing in the future.
Carmel Urban Forestry staff, along with the Carmel Urban Forestry Committee, will lead the tree planting and supervise the volunteer groups which will be comprised of neighborhood residents, representatives from Northview Christian Life Church, Indiana Tree Stewards, and Carmel High School Environmental Science students.
The President of the Carmel Urban Forestry committee, Ashley Mulis, said, “As Hamilton County develops, we need to continue to find ways to preserve the existing trees where appropriate and incorporate new plantings to enhance the landscape. The Fall Tree Planting engages our citizens in a thoughtful and well-planned community enhancement project where they will learn the innumerable values that are placed on our community trees as well as help participants get to know their neighbors.”
The City of Carmel has the honor of being designated a Tree City USA for 14 years, and is one of only 60 cities in the state of Indiana with this title. This designation is indicative of the City of Carmel’s financial support and commitment for its forestry program. The City of Carmel is recognized as a Sterling Tree City having won a growth award from the National Arbor Day Foundation for 12 years consecutively. Carmel bears the distinction of having the longest record of consecutive growth awards (12) than any other city in Indiana.
“It’s great to be working on an important re-greening effort at a time when other organizations are focusing on such efforts as well,” said Nichole Passineau, Carmel Urban Forestry Specialist. “Part of our goal is to draw attention to the good work being done at the grassroots level all across the country to improve urban and community forests.”
Founded in 1993, the Alliance for Community Trees is a national coalition of 120 nonprofit organizations engaged in urban and community forestry. Its members are dedicated to grassroots community greening, public education, policymaking, job training, environmental design, and other activities that support better urban forest stewardship.
For more information, or to volunteer to help with future plantings, please call Carmel’s Urban Forestry Specialist Nichole Passineau at 571-2417.
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