Children Learn About Trees

By Nick Cumberland
Gulfport, MS (January 14, 2008)- More than 150 families gathered at the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center on Saturday to participate in the Giving Tree Fun Day. The event was co-sponsored by Lynn Meadows and the Mississippi Urban Forest Council. The sponsors for the week’s events gave away 1,000 Live oak tree saplings to be planted along the Gulf Coast.

“This was a great turnout for our first program of this type,” Donna Yowell, executive Director of the Mississippi Urban Forest Council said. “We wanted to find a way to bring education to the children about trees and their impact on the environment.”
One of the participants was 10-year old Jonathan Lee, who set up the Go Green Man Movement on his Web site, which encourages other kids around the globe to plant a tree a year. The Web site,, teaches children about renewable energy and global warming. “I think the program will help our environment and help stop global warming,” Lee said.
The program also hosted a free seminar for 30 Coast teachers instructing them on forestry techniques they could take back to local schools that will help children learn more about the importance of our trees and coastal environment. Virginia Martin, a St. Martin Middle School gifted teacher, said, “We learned practical lessons that are hands on and interactive, which will provide opportunities to teach children in a innovative way. The programs will also give children a love for nature that is a healthy active way to give them a love of the outdoors.”
“It is going to take all of us working together as a team to help undo the damage done by Hurricane Katrina,” Renee Brooks, Gulf Coast coordinator for the Mississippi Urban Forest Council, said. The Mississippi Urban Forest Council is planning additional tree giveaways Feb. 8 and 9.
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