Cities of Service

New York, NY (October 21, 2009)- A national effort is now ready to expand their network of cities, and then, as that network grows, help mobilize volunteer service in your communities. If you work regularly with the Mayor’s office and would you like to see your mayor actively involved in expanding service in your community, consider inviting them to become a City of Service.

To qualify, the mayor must agree to:
* Create a comprehensive service plan (ServiceNation can help).
* Share best practices and strategies with other mayors.
* Encourage other mayors to join.
Upcoming Opportunities
1. To support City of Service Mayors, there is a “Building the Blueprint” meeting scheduled for December 2-4, 2009 in Philadelphia that is sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service and the ServiceNation Coalition. Included in the meeting will be sessions on creating a community service plan, lessons on making service part of the solution in their cities, and building capacity on the ground. Mayors simply need to enroll in Cities of Service prior to December 2nd. The Corporation will be able to cover the cost of lodging for up to two people from each city.
2. The Rockefeller Foundation, the Fund for Cities of Service, a 501(c)(3) formed to support the mayors coalition, will award 10 cities $200,000 over two years to hire Chief Service Officers to lead local efforts to develop and implement a comprehensive service plan on behalf of their mayor. This network of Chief Service Officers working on behalf of mayors and their cities promises to accelerate and strengthen local leadership just as federal investment in service increases under the Serve America Act. Applications must be submitted by December 15th.
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