Citrix Online Volunteers Team Up For Hollister Avenue Beautification/Anti-Graffiti Project

Goleta, CA (March 23, 2009)- A short stretch of Hollister Avenue in the Santa Barbara Shores area is greener and less prone to graffiti thanks to a project sponsored by Citrix Online. With the assistance of Goleta Valley Beautiful and UCSB volunteers, Citrix Online spearheaded a clean-up and planting of an 8 foot by 300 foot parkway on the south side of Hollister Avenue between Santa Barbara Shores and Palo Alto Avenue. Over a period of four days, fifty three volunteers led by Citrix Online staff transformed a vacant stretch of parkway by a bus stop into landscaped low maintenance entryway into the western edge of Goleta.

Volunteers planted eleven small trees that won’t interfere with the power line above including Evergreen Pear, Eastern Redbud and Catalina Cherry. Volunteers also planted thirty-one Aloe ciliaris along the privacy walls that will eventually grow just large enough to discourage graffiti. Another 74 Cotoneaster dammeri were planted as groundcover over areas covered by weedblock and construction mulch. The drip irrigation to the landscaping is temporary until the plants get established after a few years.
Citrix Online provided the funding to complete the project and allowed its employees time off with pay to assist. Additional project sponsors included the City of Goleta Community Services Department, UCSB Coastal Fund, West Covina Nursery, San Marcos Growers, Crop Production Services (formerly Western Farm Service), Santa Barbara County Resource Recovery Division, The Santa Barbara Foundation, the Green Park Foundation, the Alliance for Community Trees/Home Depot Foundation, and the generous support of Goleta Valley Beautiful donor members.
Goleta Valley Beautiful is a non-profit 501c3 community service organization serving the Goleta Valley since 1974. GVB is best known for tree care efforts in parks, schools and other public open spaces, which includes growing, planting and maintaining over 500 trees annually with volunteer support. GVB is not a government agency and depends upon community support to finance and implement public projects. GVB provides Community Service opportunities each Saturday morning and afternoon, and weekdays by appointment.
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