Climate Change Scorecard Released

Washington, DC (June 19, 2007)- The nonprofit organization Climate Counts ranked 56 consumer companies, grouped by industry, on how they measure greenhouse gas emissions, their plans to reduce them, their support or opposition to regulation and, most important, says Wood Turner, the group’s executive director, how fully they disclose those activities. The group hopes that the scorecard will help consumers who want to base purchasing decisions on companies’ climate records.

“If the information is not in the consumers’ hands, they can’t make informed choices,” Mr. Turner said. “It is time for consumers to look at broad-based strategies on climate change, rather than just the environmental impacts of specific products,” said Adam Markham, executive director of the nonprofit group Clean Air-Cool Planet and a member of the Climate Counts board.
No company achieved a perfect score of 100. Six companies scored zero, and only four- Canon, Nike, Unilever and IBM- scored 70 or better. Even Stonyfield Farm, which provided $500,000 in seed money for Climate Counts, managed only a 63, and its parent company, Groupe Danone, scored 50.
Climate Counts put the scores on its website and consumers will also be able to use wireless devices like cellphones to call up a company’s score while they are shopping.
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