Coretta Scott King Forest Campaign

Washington, DC (April 24, 2007)- The Embassy of Israel, Casey Trees, Jewish National Fund, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Alliance for Community Trees, and others are partnering to plant trees in memory of Coretta Scott King. While the main initiative will result in the planting of a new forest in Galilee, the campaign encourages tree plantings throughout the U.S. at churches, synagogues, community organizations, schools/universities, and conferences.

The public events will serve as an opportunity to highlight Israeli initiatives in reforestation, the positive impact of trees, and the work of local urban and community forestry organizations in restoring, enhancing, and protecting trees. Adding to the inherent benefit of the trees, these plantings will serve to explicitly tie the new forest in Galilee to local tree planting nationwide, emphasizing the ‘deep roots’ of U.S. – Israel friendship.
“Tolerance for others, respect for all people, and concern for the social welfare of each member of society.” These are the cornerstones upon which Jewish life in the Diaspora were built. They align well with this initiative, and speak to why the partnership between Israel and trees is smart.
Trees improve both the environment and social fabric of neighborhoods. Trees are an important aspect in growing healthy communities.
Tolerance for others
A study of Chicago’s Robert Taylor Homes, the largest public housing development in the world, found that more trees equaled less crime against both people and property and better relations with and stronger ties to ones neighbors.
Respect for all people
Through National NeighborWoods, partners such as The Home Depot direct investments to our most underserved communities, because it’s the right thing to do.
And concern for the social welfare of each member of society
Still other studies have found that more community trees equals lower rates of ADHD and asthma, better school attendance, and confidence in adolescent girls.
Trees are essential to growing healthy communities. City trees clean the air we breathe, cool hot city temperatures, and improve quality of life for us all. Help improve the environment in your own city by volunteering to plant trees with the Alliance for Community Trees. Trees improve both the environment and the social fabric of neighborhoods. The Alliance for Community Trees grassroots network is transforming neighborhoods into NeighborWoods – nationwide. Get involved by contacting your local tree planting organization by visiting the Alliance for Community Trees.
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