CSX Kicks Off a New Year of Trees for Tracks

North Charleston, SC (March 11, 2011)- CSX employees, along with City Year and the Alliance for Community Trees came out in force in North Charleston, to kick off of a new year of CSX’s Trees for Tracks initiative.

About 35 employees were volunteers from CSX’s Florence Division, including Division Manager Jermaine Swafford. “It was an awesome experience,” said Swafford. “It was great to work together with division employees, family and friends on such a rewarding mission. We learn a lot about ‘being committed to what really matters’ in leadership training, and I think this was an excellent example of that. Several local residents stopped by and asked what we were doing. They were excited about the project. It definitely made an impression.”

The Trees for Tracks program is an important way CSX employees are helping to improve the environment, promote volunteerism and enhance the quality of life in communities where we do business. Through planting trees, CSX is improving air quality, offsetting carbon emissions, creating noise buffers, enhancing wildlife habitats and adding beauty to communities.

“The community was very supportive,” added John Dillard, director-State Government and Community Affairs and another participant in the event. “Even the mayor came out to kick off our work effort and thanked employees for their gifts of time and ‘sweat equity.'”

All told, the volunteers planted 50 trees within walking distance of the Ferndale Community Center, one of North Charleston’s busiest community buildings.

Trees for Tracks will continue through 2011 with City Year, Alliance for Community Trees, and local partners in Massachusetts, Virginia, Illinois, Maryland, Florida, Kentucky, and more.

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