CSX Volunteers Plant “Trees for Tracks” in Baltimore

Baltimore, MD (October 10, 2009) – CSX, ACT and City Year brought planted 50 shade trees to improve Westport, a neighborhood that is going green as part of the city’s ambitious Tree Baltimore plan.

Partnering with ACT member Parks and People Foundation, City of Baltimore Recreation and Parks Department, and Westport Community Partnerships, volunteers from CSX, Stanley Tools, and the community brought shade and beauty to the Indiana Street Playground and surrounding streets. The project is part of the railroad’s “Trees for Tracks” program that promises to plant 21,000 trees, or one tree for each mile of CSX track, in partnership with community organizations over the next five years.
According to Tori Kaplan, Director of Corporate Citizenship for CSX, “Planting trees improves air quality, offsets carbon emissions, creates noise buffers, improves wildlife habitats and adds beauty to our communities. We appreciate the opportunity to bring Trees for Tracks to a Baltimore city neighborhood that has received national attention for reinventing itself in ways that improve the quality of life and benefit the environment.”
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