Davey Seeking Stormwater Projects Using Trees for Publication

Kent, OH (July 27, 2010)- Davey Resource Group is working for the USEPA to design a guide about stormwater management systems that incorporate trees.  If you use or have used engineered systems (i.e., silva cells, suspended pavement, linear tree pits, pervious pavements, green roofs, structural soils, etc.) that incorporate urban forest components (trees), Davey wants to talk to you.

Davey needs information about those systems, their pros, cons, and costs so they can develop a useful guide for national distribution. With your help, this study can result in additional tools for urban forest managers.

If you have any information about projects in your area please contact Davey at:

East of the Mississippi River:
Shirley Trier at shirley.trier@davey.com or 800-828-8312, ext. 8017, or 904-803-0557
West of the Mississippi River:
Tina Mckeand at tina.mckeand@davey.com or 928-246-7048

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