DC Wants Residents, Businesses To Adopt and Water Trees

By John Henrehan

Washington, DC (July 9, 2010)- Officials in D.C. are calling on city residents and business owners to adopt a tree. They are particularly worried about the 3,500 new trees that arborists have planted in the city this year. Those trees are being stressed by the high heat from the last few days and by the paucity of rain over the last few weeks.

City officials are offering a slow-drip watering device for free to any resident or business owner who will promise to fill the bag with water once a week. A garden hose can fill the bladder in just a few minutes. The black, plastic bladders encircle the base of the new trees. Once filled, slow-leaking valves on the bottom allow the water to dribble out and soak into the soil around the tree.

Regina Richardson, a tree support technician, spent much of Friday filling dozens of the bladders that were ordered by the downtown Business Improvement District. As Richardson filled the bladders from a water tank in the back of a pickup truck, residents who were walking by inquired about the program. The city employee took their names and addresses and promised to drop off the slow-watering devices next week.

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