Design, Construction and Open Space Unit Residential Design Standards

Boston, MA (June 1, 2008)- The Neighborhood Housing Development Division of the City of Boston Department of Neighborhood Development has developed design standards for new construction and the rehabilitation of existing buildings to ensure that all projects conform to current applicable regulations, and to promote cost effective, environmentally- responsible, quality design.

For each project reviewed by DND the goal is to achieve the highest quality product within the cost constraints of the project. The standards are based upon regulatory requirements imposed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), under the State HOME program and CDBG Funding for home-ownership projects. A major goal of DND design guidelines for new construction and rehabilitation projects is to encourage the creation and preservation of residential dwellings which:
* Respect the architectural detailing such as corbels, dentil molding, columns, cornice detail, window/door pediment, etc prevalent in the neighborhood in new construction. Every effort is to be made to preserve or replicate such details in existing buildings.
* Are sensitive to the residential building types, existing massing, set backs, siting and openspace elements of the neighborhood.
* Results in cost effective construction.
* Results in low maintenance costs and energy efficiency for renters and homeowners.
* Use existing interior and exterior space to enhance the quality of life of the residents and neighbors.
* Minimizes environmental impact on City infrastructure and promotes public health.
* Minimizes environmental impact at the regional, national, and global level by reducing green house gas emissions and water use.
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