District Gets $165,500 For Urban Tree Canopy

By Terence McArdle, Page DZ02
Washington, DC (February 12, 2009)- The District and four state partners- Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont- have been awarded a federal grant to identify urban locations for planting trees. The District’s Urban Forestry Administration will work with agencies from the four states to enhance urban tree canopies in public spaces.

The total award from the Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry division of the U.S. Forest Service is $823,245, of which the District’s share is $165,500. New planting is tentatively scheduled for spring 2010.
The D.C. forestry agency is a division of the city’s Department of Transportion, which plants and maintains trees along D.C. streets. The office has 16 arborists on staff who care for approximately 140,000 trees throughout the city. For information, go to http://www.trees.ddot.dc.gov.
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