DOE Tips for Energy Efficiency

Washington, DC (February 1, 2010)- The U.S. Department of Energy has developed a website that offers energy efficiency tips, including how landscaping and green infrastructure contribute. A well-designed landscape not only can add beauty to your home but it also can reduce your heating and cooling costs. On average, landscaping for energy efficiency provides enough energy savings to return an initial investment in less than 8 years.

Here you can learn more about the following elements of an energy-efficient landscape design:
* Climate- Use energy-efficient landscaping strategies based on your regional climate.
* Microclimate- Consider your home’s microclimate along with your regional climate in your landscape design.
* Shading- Use trees and other plants to help shade your home if needed to help reduce cooling costs.
* Windbreaks- Use windbreaks-tree and/or shrub plantings-around your home if needed to help reduce heating costs.
* Water conservation- Conserve water along with energy for a more sustainable landscape.
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