Dogwoods to beautify Fifth Ave.

Hendersonville, NC (April 15, 2010)- Imagine leisurely strolling through a city neighborhood in the springtime with an array of pink and white dogwoods in nearly every front yard. A new planting project- Dogwoods on Fifth- will enhance Fifth Avenue West within the West Side Historic District. Dogwoods on Fifth is the first of many significant and comprehensive neighborhood-specific endeavors the Tree Board said it intends to pursue as part of a national movement called “NeighborWoods.”

A first-phase planting of 60 pink and white dogwood trees in the front yards of participating residents is scheduled for Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The project is sponsored by the Hendersonville Tree Board in conjunction with the Public Works Department. With national recognition as a “Tree City USA,” Hendersonville is committed to increasing and preserving valuable natural resources throughout the city.
Under the supervision of Tree Board members and a local landscaper, more than 20 Hendersonville High School student volunteers will plant locally grown dogwoods on both sides of the street from Justice to Blythe. Quality saplings 6 feet tall, along with fertilizer and soil amendments, will be supplied by the Tree Board. Financial support of Dogwoods on Fifth comes from the Tree Board’s annual budget.
Cypress Cellar, Kilwin’s, Square One and Three Chopt are donating lunch and treats for the volunteers.
Improving the scenery lining city streets and roads not only enhances the view for citizens and visitors, but provides clean air, keeps residents cool in the summer and creates habitats for birds, the Tree Board says.
An assessment of Fifth Avenue West was conducted and planting sites were identified. Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Collis has been active in this and other Tree Board projects. In February, Collis, along with Tree Board members, went door to door contacting residents and explaining the Dogwoods on Fifth program.
Interested residents agreed to have the dogwoods planted on their property, visible to the street, and to maintain them. In March, the exact locations to be planted were staked.
“Hendersonville High School is happy to support the Hendersonville Tree Board by providing students to assist in the planting of Dogwoods on Fifth,” said City Councilman Jerry Smith, a teacher at Hendersonville High School who was instrumental in gathering the work force. “While adding to the beauty of historic 5th Avenue West, which is an entryway to downtown Hendersonville, HHS students will be making their mark on the future of their hometown by planting trees that will be here for decades to come. Please support them in this effort by stopping to say thank you if you are driving down 5th between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 17.”
The Tree Board values any comments or input you may have about this and future NeighborWoods projects. Contact the board if you would like more information or would like to become involved with the Tree Board and upcoming events at or by calling Public Works at 828-697-3084.
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