Donate to Our Nation’s Urban Forests and the Tree Stewards Who Care for Them

College Park, MD (December 11, 2008)- Thanks for a great year Of making cities Cleaner, Greener, and Healthier! As this exciting year draws to a close, the Alliance for Community Trees would like to thank you for your support. Together, through ACT’s National NeighborWoods Program and other initiatives, we have achieved a great many important milestones in just three years:

* 126,620 shade trees planted
* 42,422 trees maintained
* 61,015 volunteers engaged
* 2,186 events organized
* $1.6 million awarded to community organizations
* $11.6 million in locally leveraged contributions
This year was the first full year of the brown-bag lunch webcast series, delivering timely and important information on urban forestry by industry and nonprofit professionals on a monthly basis. Our Community Tree Leadership Forum training program provided critical skill building for community forest advocates in Florida and California. National NeighborWoods Month grew into a booming campaign reaching over 20,000 people through 412 events in 134 cities. At our national conferences in Atlanta, Baltimore, and Pasadena, ACT engaged more leaders than ever before – providing learning, dialogue, and trend spotting to support urban forest stewardship.
Our alliance has grown- 66 members in 2004, 74 members in 2005, 107 in 2006, 135 members in 2007, and in 2008- 160 member organizations in 40 states!
As we move into the New Year, we are meeting challenges we know you face too- raising awareness and funds in an uncertain economy. We hope you will think about what Alliance for Community Trees has meant to you professionally or personally and consider an end of year donation to help ACT support urban forest stewardship in 2009.
Thank you so much for your support. Here’s to a prosperous and healthy New Year for our nation’s urban forests and the stewards that care for them.
Please click here now to donate to our nation’s urban forests and tree stewards.
Alice Ewen Walker, Executive Director
Shannon Ramsay, President