Earth Day 2010

College Park, MD (April 22, 2010)- The original Earth Day events were attended by 20 million Americans- to this day among the largest participation in a political action in the nation’s history. On the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, we celebrate a movement that is more diverse, with partners coming together from across all sectors, to solve problems that are more complicated than ever.

But for all the complexity we face, it is still the simple act of planting a tree (and preserving the trees we have) that will make these problems easier to solve. Across the country, ACT members are leading the charge to reforest our cities and build healthy neighborhoods.
ACT Delivers Green Infrastructure Message to the Hill for Earth Week
This week, ACT welcomed advocates from around the country to press for federal legislation that would encourage green infrastructure solutions to managing wet weather, revitalize city parks, increase energy efficiency, promote economic development and invest in green strategies to stabilize neighborhoods and preserve property values for Americans.
The response was outstanding- urban forestry advocates met directly with Congress to make their voices heard.

ACT awarded its highest honor to Congresswoman Doris Matsui for her role in advancing energy efficiency through trees and engaged in dialogue with Congresswoman Alyson Schwartz to set our strategy of support for the Green Communities Act. Congressman Earl Blumenaur, who sponsored ACT’s Congressional Briefing on Leveraging Green in a Recession, sent urban forestry advocates home with an inspiring and encouraging message that now is the time to act.
ACT will be offering its members a virtual Summit experience later this month, so that everyone can learn from the engaging dialogue we experienced in D.C. this week. To help ACT advance its green agenda, visit our action center here.
ACT Earth Day Partnerships
In celebration of Earth Day, today United Airlines announced ACT’s exciting new partnership to plant trees and improve communities nationwide.
ACT is pleased to join with the United Airlines family of 46,000 employees in 50 states in earth friendly projects to restore and sustain urban forests. Events will launch next month in partnership with local ACT member organizations in Northern Virginia, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Click here to find out more about United Airlines’ partnership with ACT.

We also celebrated Earth Day today with a visit to Chicago by our colorful and cheerful friend, Wow Wow Wubbzy, who celebrated Earth Day with school children at Tarkington School of Excellence, Chicago’s first LEED certified green school. Thanks to Wubbzy, ACT member groups planted 120 shade trees this spring in youth serving projects in 9 cities. Wubbzy’s tree planting in Lompoc was a great success, attracting TV coverage underscoring the importance of engaging the next generation as stewards of our earth. Click here to find out more about Wow Wow Wubbzy’s partnership with ACT.