EarthCorps Celebrates ‘Summer of Service’

Seattle, WA (June 23, 2010)- EarthCorps is a Seattle-based environmental restoration nonprofit. Since 1993, EarthCorps has brought together young people from across the US and from 60 countries around the world to learn about and restore the environment. Participants put their learning into action by leading 12,000 volunteers each year.

This summer, EarthCorps will again celebrate its ‘Summer of Service’-promoting community service in local parks and greenspaces. AmeriCorps members and international participants, teens and corporate teams will all dig in to support a summer of environmental service for their communities!

As part of this Summer of Service, EarthCorps will lead dozens of local teens aged 12-13 and 14-16 in a weeklong ‘Green Teen Camp’ – focusing on restoration in Seattle’s Magnuson Park, a former naval base, and home to EarthCorps. Teens will gain hands-on experience removing invasive plants while learning about and becoming stewards of the natural world. While students learn restoration skills and give back to their local park, they will also earn 30 service learning hours towards a 40 hour service learning hour requirement for high school graduation.

EarthCorps’ core expertise is community-based environmental restoration. Each year, it implements more than 100,000 hours of hands-on environmental service. Through May 31st of this year, its crews installed 30,000+ native plants; conducted invasive removal and stewardship on 60+ acres; built/maintained 3+ miles of trail; and led 7,500 volunteers!

EarthCorps regards restoration as a process of reestablishing healthy habitat: returning a polluted or degraded environment as closely as possible to a thriving, self-sustaining ecosystem. As restoration practitioners, their goal is to expedite natural processes in rebuilding a functioning natural ecosystem. EarthCorps involves people of all ages in its work, and counts 1,000+ alumni among its ranks.

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