Elementary Students will Learn Through Planting

By Konstantinos Kalaitzidis
Tucson, AZ (November 1, 2007)- Manzo Elementary School students will learn about the Sonoran Desert habitat by planting native trees and building a rainwater harvesting landscape. The event is the result of the contributions of the Home Depot, Trees for Tucson, Desert Survivors, Bach’s Greenhouse Cactus, Ward One, and eegee’s.

Manzo Elementary leased a 110-by-50-foot lot, which belongs to the city of Tucson, for 50 years for $1, said Moses Thompson, counselor at Manzo.
The lot, across the street from the northwest corner of the campus at 855 N. Melrose Ave., will be used as an outdoor learning center and community space.
“Thirty second- to fifth-grade students will plant 10 native Sonoran trees. They will landscape the lot for water conservation and water harvesting,” Thompson said. “They will be creating a classroom for themselves and hope to attract native wild life.”
The landscaping and tree planting will begin at 8 a.m. Saturday and will conclude with planting native shrubs and cactuses Nov. 17, Thompson said. Parents and members of the Barrio Hollywood Neighborhood Association will also be there to supervise and help the children, he said.
The effort was sponsored by Home Depot, which provided a $2,000 gift card; the Trees for Tucson organization, which donated the trees; Desert Survivors, which donated 30 other native plants; Bach’s Greenhouse Cactus, which donated several native cactuses, Ward One, which donated food for Saturday’s event; and eegee’s, which will donate food for the Nov. 17 event.
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