Ford Foundation Announces New Grantmaking Strategies

New York, NY (April 15, 2009)- The Ford Foundation has announced a number of organizational changes and a comprehensive set of new strategies aimed at creating fairness and equity for people around the globe. Under the new plan, Ford now will focus its grantmaking in eight areas: access to education; democratic, accountable government; economic fairness and opportunity; freedom of expression; human rights; natural resources and sustainable development; sexuality and reproductive health and rights; and social-justice philanthropy. The new priorities are scheduled to go into full effect in October, when the foundation begins its 2010 fiscal year.

The changes were determined after a year-long evaluation process spearheaded by Ford’s president, Luis A. Ubinas, during which the foundation gathered input from some two thousand individuals and organizations across the many regions it serves.
According to the New York Times, thirty-five projects within each area will be implemented collaboratively by teams of Ford Foundation staff, marking a shift from individually directed initiatives that once numbered more than two hundred. The foundation anticipates that each regional office will focus on four to six of the new programs.
In a statement on the foundation’s Web site, Ubinas said Ford’s recent efforts have resulted in a profound recommitment to the mission and values that have long defined the foundation. “This recommitment is expressed in a comprehensive set of new strategies aimed at creating fairness and equity for people everywhere,” said Ubinas. “It is our intention to make certain that the objectives of our programs are clear, that our grantmaking approaches are oriented to a changing world and that our contributions help bring about real and lasting change in people’s lives.”
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