Forestry plan comes out of the shade and into the trees

By Tanya Drobness
Montclair, NJ (June 20, 2007)- About a month after the township retained Steve Chisholm of Aspen Tree Experts for $3,500 to prepare the Township’s Urban Forestry Plan, the certified tree expert met with Mayor Ed Remsen and 15 members of the Montclair Environmental Commission during its monthly meeting. While ideas swirled among commission members, Chisholm said he was willing to take suggestions from the commissioners regarding improvements to the town’s shade tree program – a proposed plan that had been put on the backburner for more than a year.

Chisholm said during the meeting that was held inside the Edgemont Memorial Park shelter house on Valley Road. He requested commission members make a “wish list” of how much money they would like to receive from the state and the ways in which it could be spent in accordance with the forestry plan, also referred to as the “shade tree plan,” which would include the maintenance of municipally owned trees along the streets and in public parks.
The township currently has no shade tree ordinance, committee, or commission, but there is a Park and Shade Tree Division led by Township Arborist Kevin Ward. Sherman posed the question about the possibility of establishing a shade tree commission. Elements of the plan would include municipal information, a community overview, public education/awareness/outreach, a statement of the tree budget, and a statement of the plan implementation. Before it is completed, the plan must be deemed satisfactory by the municipal Park and Shade Tree Division and approved by the New Jersey Community Forestry Council.
The town is embellished with about 40,000 trees of various species along its streets.
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