Getting to the Root of it All: A Practitioner’s Guide to Root Health & Proper Planting Part of NeighborWoods Month Celebrations

Cultivate Diversity: Mix It Up for Healthy NeighborWoods
This half-day workshop will provide an overview of the critical importance that a healthy root system plays in tree development and function. A short indoor session will cover the importance, function and growth of roots as well as common problems associated with cultural activities. The majority of the afternoon will be devoted to an outdoor session with open dialogue on planting depth and diagnosing root-related problems, including stem girdling roots (SGRs), as well as air spade and proper planting demonstrations and discussions. Registration fee is $10 and due, with completed registration form, Thursday, September 18. Each class is limited to 30 participants.

Date: October 10, 2008
Time: 12:30 p.m.
Location: NP Dodge Memorial Park,11001 John J. Pershing Dr.
Purpose: To celebrate the benefits of trees in the places people live. During National NeighborWoods Month, we want to share the message that planting and caring for trees adds value to our communities. Trees are not just a local concern but a national one as well. Your participation in National NeighborWoods Month not only enhances your community’s health, but also furthers our collective efforts to ensure that everyone gets to live in neighborhoods with trees.
Note: National NeighborWoods Month is part of the National NeighborWoods program, an initiative to re-green North American cities from coast to coast. The National NeighborWoods initiative is a program of the national Alliance for Community Trees in partnership with The Home Depot Foundation.
For Immediate Release Contact:
Jessica Kelling
September 29, 2008
ReTree Nebraska
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