Give A Day, Get A Disney Day

Atlanta, GA (January 1, 2010)- The “Give A Day, Get A Disney Day” opened for volunteers to sign up for volunteer opportunities January 1. Individuals and families can volunteer for a day to help improve their communities and, in return, get a ticket for a free day at a Disney theme park (in Florida or California). The goal is to engage one million volunteers in service this year.

The program is a collaboration between Disney and HandsOn Network. HandsOn Network is a network of Volunteer Centers all across the country. Remember once you sign up your active opportunities at website will become visible and you may have people signing up for one day of service.
You can register for the program at Once on the website, you can click on “Apply to become a HandsOn Network Volunteer Verification Partner”. You should be able to select your organization from the drop down menu. The Disney website pulls the information from the online database at, so you will need to register there first, if you are not already.
Volunteers will be able to sign-up for the opportunities through the website, which will go live January 1st. You are responsible to respond to the volunteers within 72 hours to confirm. After the Volunteer has completed their service opportunity, you are responsible to confirm their completion on the Disney website within 72 hours. Each volunteer may only receive one ticket from this promotion. Participating in this program is a special way to help people recognize their individual and collective power to create change through volunteering, and celebrate the everyday heroes who serve. It also provides an opportunity for partner organizations to honor those individuals and families who help fulfill their organizational missions-and to attract new volunteers who want to engage.
As our nation is recognizing volunteerism as a pathway to solving our most pressing social issues, come celebrate with HandsOn Network and Disney Parks our shared vision of service and through the “Give A Day. Get A Disney Day.” program. Thanks for everything you do to help improve communities and celebrate civic engagement.
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