Green Cities: Good Health

Seattle, WA (July 7, 2010)- Metro nature- including trees, parks, gardens, and natural areas- enhances quality of life in cities and towns. The experience of nature improves human health and well-being in many ways. Nearly 40 years of scientific studies document how.  But this extensive evidence has always been distributed within the publications of many social science disciplines, and can be difficult to access. Now that research has been compiled in a single website.

Green Cities: Good Health provides summaries of the science research about the social benefits associated with trees and nature in communities.  This website offers fact-based briefings about why trees and nature are an essential component of livable communities.

Sponsored by the USDA Forest Service, Urban & Community Forestry Program, and University of Washington, Seattle, this website breaks down the available studies into a variety of important research themes, such as: Livable Cities, Community Economic, Crime & Fear, Active Living, Street Safety, and Wellness & Physiology.

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