Green Energy Resources gets national TV recognition from Presidential campaign

St. Paul, MN (October 27, 2008)- Green Energy Resources (NASDAQ optic GRGR) was mentioned on MSNBC on Friday by the former Minnesota Republican Governor as he threw his support behind Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama. The former Governor singled out and stated Barack Obama ‘supports Green Energy Resources.’ The group is also in the news as CEO Joseph Murray looks to join the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council (NUCFAC) in 2009 to advise the Federal Government on urban forestry matters.

Green Energy Resources has been a leading advocate in the biomass industry since 2003. The Democratic presidential contender is a strong proponent of renewable and alternative energies and favors a cap and trade scheme to promote the industry as a part of a plan to create ‘green” jobs. Green Energy Resources welcomes the recognition from our nations top political leaders.
Green Energy Resources has met with a Houston City official in an effort to assist the city capture millions of dollars in potential carbon credits left in the wake of Hurricane Ike. The City of Houston was completely unaware of carbon credits and the potential value to the recovery plans for the city. Green Energy Resources is currently in negotiation to obtain approximately 5.5 million yards of hurricane debris from the city as a part of the city recycling and disposal plan.
The wood is in addition to volumes being sought after through various storm contractors in FEMA’s PA-PILOT program. Green Energy Resources is seeking to build its collaterized asset base to obtain maximum market share potential in the United States.
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Green Energy Resources gets national TV recognition from Presidential campaign
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