Green Infrastructure Community of Practice Website

Washington, DC (February 1, 2009)- The Conservation Fund has developed the Community of Practice to serve as a virtual knowledge hub in order to help promote the application of green infrastructure concepts and principles. This portal is designed for both those who create, design, and implement green infrastructure plans and for those who use these plans. The site offers profiles of organizations and description of projects, resources, and events related to green infrastructure around the Unites States.

Green infrastructure is defined as strategically planned and managed networks of protected green space that conserves ecosystem values and functions and provides ecological services of benefit to human populations.
The Green Infrastructure Community of Practice (GI CoP) is a collaborative network of organizations and agencies that are actively involved in promoting and/or implementing the green infrastructure approach to strategic conservation. The goals of the Community of Practice are to:
* Foster peer to peer information exchange and learning among members
* Promote a consistent approach and terminology
* Encourage local and regional implementation of plans, strategies, and policies
* Reduce duplication, increase partnerships, and streamline projects
* Encourage new ideas and innovation
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