Guidelines for Eco Friendly Service Projects

By David Flanigan
Washington, DC (June 15, 2009)- Are you planning a service project and want to make sure it has a big impact on the community and a low impact on the environment? Do you wish there was a guide that could help you plan for an eco-friendly service project? Well you are in luck! KaBOOM! and The Home Depot Foundation are excited to present the first comprehensive guidelines on how to make your service project as eco-friendly as possible.

To develop a baseline of information about planning for an eco-friendly community service projects, research was conducted using interviews with a range of volunteer organizations, workshops about eco-friendly practices, surveys of subject matter experts, and an online working group, including KaBOOM! staff. We hope that these guidelines continue to grow over time and serve as a valuable tool for any type of service project.
Guidelines for Eco-Friendly Service Projects was created to offer best practices for service project managers to use in their planning process to lessen the environmental impact and to ensure that community service projects are maintained over time. Project managers can lessen environmental impacts by generating less waste, reducing energy and materials consumption, and by offsetting environmental impacts that cannot be eliminated.
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