Habitat for Humanity, Home Depot Foundation Expand Sustainable Living Program

Atlanta, GA (August 5, 2009)- Habitat for Humanity International and the Atlanta-based Home Depot Foundation have announced a national expansion of the Partners in Sustainable Living initiative.

More than a hundred and twenty Habitat affiliates in forty-five states have been selected to participate in the first year of the rollout, which will begin later this month. The $30 million green building program will provide funding and resources over five years to help participants build five thousand homes that meet either Energy Star or a nationally recognized green building standard. Affiliates will receive a $3,000 grant for each home built to Energy Star standards and up to $5,000 for each home built to a higher green standard.
Piloted last year by thirty Habitat affiliates located in rural and urban areas and a variety of climate zones, the initiative has already built more than 260 homes and demonstrated that the upfront costs of building green are modest and can be recouped through savings on utility and energy costs over the course of a mortgage. Early results from the program show energy savings between 15 percent and 30 percent.
“The Home Depot Foundation believes green building techniques are not a luxury; they aren’t exotic or expensive,” said Home Depot Foundation president Kelly Caffarelli. “By embracing the practical principles of green building, our partnership with Habitat for Humanity International is demonstrating that these techniques can actually make homes more affordable to own, maintain, and live in from day one and for the long-term. With health and economic concerns at an all-time high, this issue is more important than ever for the families who will purchase these homes.”
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