Homeowners take part in combating invasive species

Ottawa, ON (October 6, 2008)- Lodgepole and Ponderosa pine species have been devastated throughout mainland British Columbia (B.C.) by Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) during recent years. A native insect, MPB is usually kept in check by cold winters. Global warming has lessened these natural deterrents and their populations have grown substantially. They are eating more and more while crafting a course set for Alberta, and maybe the rest of Canada. B.C. interior residents can now take a bite back with Tree Canada’s Mountain Pine Beetle ReLeaf coupon program.

Sponsored partly by the British Columbia Transmission Corporation (BCTC), residents who have lost trees on their property due to MPB can recoup some of the cost of replacing the trees. The goal is to reforest the areas affected by MPB.
Residents can save $80 on a tree purchase valued $150 or more. To get your coupon, contact Christian Walli, B.C. Community Advisor.
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