How to Mulch a Tree

Chicago, IL (September 9, 2009)- Openlands is a national leader on citizen tree care education. It’s TreeKeepers course is held twice a year and trains volunteer tree “helpers'” for urban trees. Most people who have trees on their property are well intentioned and tend to love them. But there are many common malpractices that we see all of the time. One of these is “volcano mulching.” Volcano mulching is when mulch is piled high up against a tree’s bark. This is bad for the tree because it keeps moisture on the bark which leads to rot and makes the tree susceptible to disease and pests. Eventually a tree can die from volcano mulching.

Instead, those who mulch their trees (a good practice!) should keep the mulch away from the bark and make a donut around the tree. Openlands has a new educational piece showing right and wrong practices for mulching trees. It’s a great resource and can be downloaded here.
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