IS Foundation Features National NeighborWoods Month

College Park, MD (September 29, 2011)- The IS Foundation is highlighting National NeighborWoodsTM Month as one of its Featured Campaigns this fall. Alliance for Community Trees is proud to join in this collaborative partnership with IS Foundation and offer our national campaign for trees as “a way to make a difference.”

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation aims to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures. IS Foundation approached ACTrees to include NeighborWoodsTM Month as a Featured Campaign in its Environment program this September and October. The IS Foundation website asks:

Looking for a way to make a difference? Join one of ISF’s collaborative partnerships for National NeighborWoods Month. We all know the importance of trees and this October you can help Alliance for Community Trees in their national campaign to plant trees and re-green American cities.

Learn how you can get involved at
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IS Foundation Features National NeighborWoods Month
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