Jenks gets green with trees

By Jeff Billington
Jenks, OK (October 22, 2008)- A program designed to improve the environment and make Jenks more green was launched recently by the Jenks Chamber of Commerce. NeighborWoods, a national program dedicated to helping communities restore tree canopy, was the driving force behind the initiative, said Annette Bowles, president of the Jenks Chamber of Commerce. The city had asked the chamber to help come up with a program to enhance Jenks’ beauty when members discovered the organization, she said. “The city wanted us to help green up some areas in Jenks that weren’t really eyesores, but just needed some green in certain areas,” she said.

The chamber’s Community Development Committee researched and found the Alliance for Community Trees, which helps restore community forests through its NeighborWoods program. “We realized they had a group called NeighborWoods, which is dedicated to the same cause, trying to get nonprofits and community organizations engaged in the same concept,” Bowles said. “We started with them and they gave us the idea with this program, and it rolled on from there.”
Bowles said the NeighborWoods program helps improve both the environment and the social fabric of neighborhoods, helps spur community development and supports healthier, livable communities by inspiring residents to plant and care for trees.
The chamber introduced the NeighborWoods program to residents at this year’s “Art on Main,” held earlier in the month. About 100 trees donated by Southwood Landscape and Nursery were sold during the event, with the proceeds benefiting the program, Bowles said. Trees sold at the event included oak, bald cyprus, loblolly pine and Shumard oaks. More than $300 was raised from the sale of trees, while AEP-PSO donated $2,500 to help sponsor the program, Bowles said.
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