Jenks leads metro area in recycling at the M.E.T.

Jenks, OK (October 1, 2008)- Trojan Maroon is not the only color that Jenks displays proudly, apparently “green” is becoming a favorite among our conscientious residents. Jenks is the leading city in recycling efforts, according to report from the Metropolitan Environmental Trust (M.E.T.).

“Jenks has the highest recycling rates in the region. We get more pounds per person at the Jenks recycling depot than in any other city, “said Michael Patton, the M.E.T. Executive Director. “We attribute it to strong local leadership on green issues and tremendous volunteerism from the Jenks High School Environmental Club.”
In 1986 and 1987, there was an increasing concern in the Tulsa Metro Area as to landfills filling up and the availability of landfill space. A “public trust authority” was established by several member governments in August of 1988 in an effort to address this issue.
Jenks was one of the founding governments. To this day, the City of Jenks has a yearly agreement the M.E.T. but is also tied into the public trust indenture.
The M.E.T. was established under provisions of the Oklahoma State Statues – [Title 60- Section 176] and is a political subdivision of the State of Oklahoma. They are also funded by charitable donations under IRS code 170(c)(1). In 1990, the organization changed their name from Northeast Oklahoma Solid Waste Management to The Metropolitan Environmental Trust.
Since this time, they have developed several programs to help solid waste management for the Tulsa Metro area. Their two main programs are 1) Recycling Depot Program which is 11 drop-off recycling centers and 2) Household Pollutant Program – biannual event at the fairgrounds for hazardous chemicals.
Additional programs are bin-loan program, compost education, mercury thermometer swap with seniors, litter clean-up events, recycling heroes’ awards banquet and recycling education with schools and Boy Scouts.
Also, they provide educational opportunities to college interns that conduct research on landfill capacity and solid waste regulations. For more information about The M.E.T., visit
The Jenks Recycling Drop-Off Center is at 100 N. Elm, across from Jenks City Hall. Jenks city and community leaders continue to support other “green” initiatives, such as the new NeighborWoods program launched by the Community Development Committee of the Jenks Chamber of Commerce.
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