LEED for Neighborhood Development: Public Comment Period Opens

Washington, DC (May 1, 2009)- The consensus-based process that drives the development of the LEED rating systems is key to ensuring LEED encourages the very best in building, design, and development practices. As LEED grows to cover the way we plan and build our neighborhoods, it’s especially vital that they hear as many diverse voices as possible.

The second public comment period for LEED for Neighborhood Development opens Friday, May 1, and will close Sunday, June 14, at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Don’t miss this chance to be part of the development of the rating system.
During the first public comment period that ended earlier this year, they received more than 5,000 comments, and have posted responses to each of those comments. Please note that, in the second public comment period, only changes to the draft that were made after the first public comment period are open for comment.
The LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system integrates the principles of smart growth, new urbanism, and green building into the first national rating system for neighborhood design. The program is the result of a collaboration among USGBC, the Congress for the New Urbanism, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.
The rating system has been in pilot since July 2007, with nearly 240 projects participating. Feedback gathered from those projects, as well as countless hours of USGBC volunteers’ time, have led to the current, more-sophisticated and market-responsive draft of LEED for Neighborhood Development.
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