Leverage The Lorax: New Movie is Opportunity for Tree Planters

College Park, MD (February 27, 2012)- The new movie The Lorax opens nationwide this upcoming Friday, March 2. Thousands of children and families will see the movie this weekend, and will leave the theater excited about protecting and planting trees. This presents an incredible opportunity for tree planting organizations to share their message with the public and reach an enthusiastic new audience. Do not miss this chance to promote your work and gain attention, volunteers, and donors for your organization.

lorax_movieTo capitalize on The Lorax movie, it’s time to show families in your city how you are a real-life Lorax, helping to keep trees healthy and safe in your community. Through a little work this week before opening day on Friday, you can maximize your organization’s reach during the weekend and the coming weeks of the movie’s run in theaters.

ACTrees member organizations are well positioned to benefit from this movie. ACTrees member Trees Atlanta has partnered with their local promotional company, and you can do the same! They also created www.WeSpeakfortheTrees.org – which links to the list of all ACTrees member organizations – and designed leave-behinds that you can use and customize in your promotion.

Here’s what you can do now:

* Reach out to your local theaters and ask about tabling during opening weekend- this is how you’ll directly connect with moviegoers. Also ask about setting up a floor sign for your organization, distributing brochures, accessing free tickets or giveaways, and other opportunities to partner.
* Print out and use this fun postcard as a leave-behind on theater seats or hand out to patrons at tables in the theater. If you have Adobe Photoshop, you can customize this template (front, back) with your organization’s information and logo.
* Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper, or send a press release to local media outlets connecting your work to the movie (and inviting them to a planting project this weekend, or to learn more about your organization). You can use this sample language to guide you.
* Invite all of your members or volunteers to a screening of the movie, to keep them engaged with your organization and excited about your mission.

Remember, we in the urban and community forestry field “speak for the trees” every single day. Let’s not miss this opportunity to connect with the public and keep them caring about trees long after the movie ends!

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