Little Flower planting trees

By Rob Schneider
Indianapolis, IN (October 21, 2007)- Volunteers help neighborhood toward goal of 700 new trees in area. As four young women dug a hole for a maple tree in front of her Eastside home Saturday, Eloise England couldn’t have looked happier. “Girl power,” she said approvingly of the crew as it prepared to plant the tree.

Volunteers planted 56 trees Saturday along Shannon Avenue between 10th and 16th streets in the Little Flower Neighborhood. The trees were provided by Keep Indianapolis Beautiful as part of the city’s goal to plant 100,000 trees in 10 years.
Saturday’s tree planting is part of a goal by Little Flower, bounded by 10th, 16th, Sherman Drive and Emerson Avenue, to plant 700 trees in the area. So far, 260 have been planted.
Trees add to property value and help the environment, Schefcik said of the neighborhood’s interest in replacing them. “The neighborhood used to be completely filled with trees,” said Morris Schefcik, 43, president of the neighborhood group. Disease took its toll over the years.
The greening of Little Flower drew helping hands from outside the neighborhood. Among the volunteers was Lesley Wilson, 21, Mooresville, who was looking for an opportunity to volunteer when she saw information about the planting. “I just wanted to do something for the community,” said Wilson, who works in Indianapolis.
Perhaps the youngest volunteer was Timia Carter, 6, a kindergartner at Indianapolis Public School 87. She was accompanied by her mother, Janice Carter, and her sister Kayla, 11. Her mother said Timia was working on a school project with the theme of “living generously.” What better way to show you are living generously than by planting trees, Carter decided.
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