Love Speaks Tour

Beltsville, MD (January 12, 2007)- The musical artist, Brett Dennen, is helping to promote urban forestry in local communities around the country. In partnership with ACT, Brett is reaching out to U&CF organizations while on tour. At every show of his national Love Speaks tour, he is setting aside venue space for two nonprofits to be represented. ACT members in tour locations had/have the opportunity to represent urban forestry at the concert.

A dollar from each ticket sold is split and goes directly to those organizations. At intermission, Brett is also giving those organizations 3-5 minutes of stage time to speak about the work they are doing in the community.
Susan Pierce, NeighborWoods Coordinator at Trees Atlanta writes:
“I got to attend the concert and set up information about Trees Atlanta at the merchandise table. I even got to go on stage and talk about Trees Atlanta. It was successful and so much fun. I think it’s great that Brett is encouraging community service and awareness through his concerts. He hopes other artists will follow suit and use the public venue to promote other organizations…. Just wanted to share a neat way ACT connected us with a fun project. It made me very happy to hear that she had used ACT as a resource and I encouraged her to connect with other ACT members…. Thanks to ACT for promoting all of us tree people!”
To find out more, contact Brett’s assistant tour manager, Sarita Louise Moore, at 310-500-5198.
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