Make A Difference Day is October 25

Tucson, AZ (September 30, 2008)- More than 100 trees will be planted by volunteers at parks, schools, nonprofit organizations, and other community sites in Tucson on Saturday, October 25. The Make A Difference Day project is being held in conjunction with National NeighborWoods Month, and is sponsored by Tucson Clean and Beautiful and TEP.

Prior to the tree planting, a program will be held at Reid Park at 8 a.m. featuring Director of Programs Jared Liu from the Alliance for Community Trees, Mayor Bob Walkup, Pima County Board of Supervisors Chairman Richard Elias, Tucson Councilmember Nina Trasoff, and TEP Chairman, President and CEO James Pignatelli.
The purpose of the event is to celebrate the benefits of trees, which include reducing electricity usage and costs, reduced C02 emissions at power plants, improved aesthetics and property values, better air quality, reduced stormwater runoff and improved water quality.
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