Mayor Michael Nutter Joins American Cities Foundation and UC Green in Citywide Cleanup Day

Philadelphia, PA (April 3, 2008)- American Cities Foundation “Going The Green Route” environmental campaign will be joining other community organizations on April 5th at Woodland Recreation Center as part of the Mayor’s citywide cleanup day. The Woodland Tree Planting event is a collaborative environmental effort involving the American Cities Foundation/Project NEAT, UCGreen, Tree Vitalize, West Shore Association, Woodland Recreation Center, Home Depot Foundation, and Alliance for Community Trees and over 100 volunteers and residents planting 96 trees.

The trees will be planted on 47th & Paschall Street and 1300 S. 49th Street. At 10:00 A.M., Mayor Nutter will plant a tree at the Woodland Recreation Center. This is one of many tree plantings by American Cities Foundation leading up to American Cities Foundation’s Urban Environmental Summit and Expo, “Going the Green Route”. The Summit and Expo is on April 26th at the School of the Future located at 4027 Parkside Avenue, Philadelphia, PA.
The Summit/Expo, which is free to the public, highlights opportunities to grow greener, cleaner neighborhoods, and grow jobs and businesses for Philadelphia residents. Participants will be able to view exhibits, demonstrations and special shows. Some of the activities include an interactive youth workshop on technology and the environment called, “Dream, Create, Go”. Other workshops include Environmental Steward training for adults and youth; and training for educators on a new environmental curriculum for Urban Schools.
From September 2005 to present, the American Cities Foundation/Project NEAT and its environmental stewards have planted 815 trees throughout the Philadelphia region. Each tree planted has the potential in retaining 2380 gallons, which suggests of all the trees planted there has been 1,939,700 gallons of water retained from entering Philadelphia’s inlet systems. Trees are a highly effective means of retaining storm water as a vital component incorporated in greening urban neighborhoods.
American Cities Foundation brings fresh approaches, skills and energy to solving urban America’s most vexing problems. By collecting and disseminating research and best practices from around the country and incorporating their own innovative ideas and strategies in solving these problems, they are advancing an agenda to revitalize our cities and improve the quality of life for the children, youth, and families who live in them.
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