National Workshop to Share Urban Forest Model

Sacramento, CA (March 15, 2007)- The Sacramento Tree Foundation will host a three-day national workshop April 12 through April 14 on how people can launch successful urban forest initiatives in their cities. Emerging as a leader in urban forest issues, this is the first national workshop for the Sacramento Tree Foundation. The workshop, titled “Sharing the Greenprint Model,” will provide urban forest advocates with details and insight on moving urban forest projects from conceptualization to reality.

In 1998, the Sacramento Tree Foundation petitioned the United States Environmental Protection Agency to include Sacramento in a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) study researching the impact of urban forests on ambient air temperature. When NASA released their findings in 1999, they reported the Sacramento area could reduce its ambient air temperature by up to three degrees if an additional five million trees were planted in the area. The results from this study were a major contribution to the Tree Foundation’s work toward increasing and creating urban forests in the Sacramento area.
In 2005, Sacramento region elected officials responded to this study and signed on to support the Sacramento Tree Foundation’s Greenprint Initiative. The Greenprint Initiative seeks to motivate the citizens of Sacramento around the goal of planting the additional five million trees to help reduce summer peak temperatures and improve air quality.
The workshop will be held from Thursday, April 12 to Saturday, April 14. Guest speakers include:
* Greg McPherson, director of the Center for Urban Forest Research, Pacific Southwest Research Station, United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service;
* Larry Greene, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Municipal District Air Pollution Control Officer;
* Susan Patterson, Sacramento Municipal Utility District vice-president,; and
* Ray Tretheway, Sacramento Tree Foundation executive director and City of Sacramento City councilmember.
The Sacramento Tree Foundation’s Greenprint project has received numerous awards, including the Sacramento Area Council of Government’s 2006 Regional Organization of the Year, and serves as an urban forestry model for municipal/nonprofit partnerships across the nation. This workshop to share Greenprint is supported by the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Program and the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council.
Since its inception 25 years ago, the Sacramento Tree Foundation has worked to educate the people of Sacramento about the importance of trees in our community. In addition to educating individuals, the Sacramento Tree Foundation works to mobilize Sacramento citizens to plant and care for the existing trees in the Sacramento area and work to build the best urban forest in Sacramento.
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