New ACT Member- Alaska Community Forest Council

Anchorage, AK (March 19, 2007)- The Alaska Community Forest Council is a nonprofit organization that helps communities throughout Alaska build effective, self-sustaining community forestry programs with strong local support.

Its fifteen members from communities around the state advise the Division of Forestry on how to develop and deliver community forestry programs to Alaskans, support public education, and encourage public involvement. Members also make recommendations on the criteria and guidelines for community forestry grants administered by the division, and review grant proposals.
The purposes of the Council are to:
* Encourage public education and involvement in community forestry in order to increase knowledge of, and appreciation for, the benefits of community trees and their management.
* Encourage and support outreach into Alaska’s communities to ensure that the council is sensitive and responsive to the cultural, economic and geographic diversity found in Alaska.
* Promote and build effective partnerships among public agencies, industry, businesses, local governments, schools and volunteer groups.
* Provide a public forum for sharing information so that the most beneficial and economical community forestry policies and practices are identified.
* Advocate for, and provide leadership on, appropriate community forestry policies, programs, and practices in Alaska.
* Provide public recognition and support for urban and community forestry achievements in Alaska.
The council strives to represent the professional, geographic, cultural, ethnic, economic and community diversity of Alaska by including members from around the state. This diversity and range of interests and experiences make the council a valuable source of information
In promoting how trees and forests can benefit and improve Alaskan communities, the Council occasionally conducts small, local tree planting projects with educational objectives. The council has also sponsored conferences and workshops on community forestry, and tree planting and care. Members also provide assistance to grant recipients, local governments, schools, and community groups.
For more information and a list of current members, visit the Alaska Community Forest Council.