New ACT Member- Alaska Community Forestry Program

Anchorage, AK (September 28, 2007)- The Alaska Community Forestry Program helps communities build effective, self-sustaining community forestry and tree care programs with strong local support. The community (or urban) forest includes native forests, greenbelts, and parkland, as well as the planted landscape along streets and around buildings and homes in our cities, villages, and neighborhoods. Managing this entire landscape as a system is called community forestry.

The state program fosters partnerships between government agencies, businesses, and volunteers to improve community forests throughout the state. It receives federal funds through the USDA Forest Service. Two staff members provide technical assistance, presentations, and publications on many topics including:
* Urban tree and forest inventories, management plans, and annual work plans;
* Selecting species appropriate for the site;
* Planting, pruning, and caring for trees and shrubs;
* Site design, planting specifications and details;
* Tree problem diagnosis;
* Local ordinances and other means of preserving and maintaining community trees and forests;
* Ways to retain and protect trees during construction;
* Environmental, economic, and social benefits provided by healthy trees and forests;
* Organizing volunteers to plant and care for trees.
For more information, visit Alaska Community Forestry Program.