New ACT Member- Baton Rouge Green

Baton Rouge, LA (November 1, 1993)- Since their founding in 1987, Baton Rouge Green has planted over 28,000 trees throughout the greater Baton Rouge area in parks and neighborhoods, on school campuses and along public roadways. Baton Rouge Green’s mission is to lead, educate & inspire our community to conserve, plant & sustain our community’ s trees and their goals have been to help Baton Rouge area citizens better understand, preserve, plant & maintain trees & forests as an important community resource.

Their programs are separated into four main areas: school, roadway, nurseries, and neighborhood.
School Programs:
* Trees for Our Children’s Future – an environmental education and tree planting program that reaches K-12 students at both public and private schools in the Greater Baton Rouge Area.
* SPARK – a community development project that converts local public school campuses into neighborhood parks.
* BRG Urban Forestry Internship Program – a school to work program that offers annually 2-4 Southern University Urban Forestry students, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, the opportunity to participate in the day to day programmatic work of BRG.
* Baton Rouge Green Arbor Days – an annual week-long, tree planting celebration project held during January at four elementary schools.
Roadway Programs:
* Roadway Planting & Maintenance – BRG planted and maintains more than six thousand trees along the main corridors of Interstate I-10, I-12 and Airline Highway and at other highly visible roadway intersections and medians — Goodwood Boulevard, Essen Lane and Bluebonnet Boulevard — to name a few.
Tree Nurseries:
* Burden Research Plantation – BRG maintains approximately 2,000 native tree species at the Louisiana State University Burden Research Plantation on Essen Lane.
* Gillis Long Center – BRG grows out approximately 3,000 native tree seedlings at the Gillis Long center in Carville, LA with the assistance of Youth Challenge Cadets.
Neighborhood Programs:
* NeighborWoods – BRG provides ecologically based technical assistance to local community development corporations and civic associations to empower local citizens to implement tree planting and tree maintenance in public green spaces in their neighborhood.
For more information, visit Baton Rouge Green.