New ACT Member- Beautify Beaumont

Beaumont, TX (April 7, 2009)- Beautify Beaumont is a nonprofit volunteer organization whose purpose is to provide a clean and aesthetically beautiful city. Their main areas of activity center around educational programs in the community at large and area schools, landscaping projects on public properties, and working with other non-profit organizations in coordinating their efforts for a clean and beautiful community.

Working with the City of Beaumont in a public/private partnership, Beautify Beaumont has completed several landscape projects as well as spearheaded city ordinances that contribute to the quality of life for all the city’s residents. Tree programming includes:
* Beautify Beaumont Suggested Trees
* How to Plant a Tree
* Trees & Hurricanes- Hurricane preparedness for trees. And what to do after the storm has passed.
Other major projects include:
* Beautify Beaumont 15/15 Campaign
15,000 trees by the year 2015 is a big goal! Hurricanes Rita and Ike devastated the green canopy that makes Beaumont such a pleasant place to live. Beautify Beaumont aims to reverse that damage as quickly as possible. An Arbor Day for Beaumont is planned this February 20th where 1000 saplings for future shade will be given away free with instructions for planting. Come back often to check on updates on the project and how you can participate!
* Maree Calcote Greenway
The Maree Calcote Greenway is a planting of “Earth-Kind” (drought tolerant) roses located at the intersection of Kennedy and Phelan Boulevard honoring Maree Calcote; long-time community volunteer and advocate for a more beautiful and conservation minded Beaumont. This is a project of Beautify Beaumont, Inc. in conjunction with the City of Beaumont and the Jefferson County Agricultural Extension Agency.
In particular, they do many projects with the Sierra Club of Beaumont, the City of Beaumont, and Beaumont Main Street. The directors have devoted themselves to raising funds for special landscaping projects and education and community awareness programs that were necessary to fulfill their mission.
Recently the organization has been focusing their efforts to help the community that has been damaged by several hurricanes. They offer advice and help with clean-up and restoration of damaged areas. They also recommend which trees will grow in the Southeast Texas region that are also more hurricane-resistant. In addition, Beautify Beaumont has programs to involve the public in citywide clean-up projects.
For more information, visit Beautify Beaumont.