New ACT Member- California Urban Forests Council

Novato, CA (January 17, 2007)- In 1967, before the term Urban Forestry became widely known, a group of foresters, educators, and business people working with trees in urban areas organized an information and idea-sharing network they called the California Urban Forests Council (CaUFC).

Since 1968, and even more so since becoming a California public benefit corporation and being recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 nonprofit organization in 1984, CaUFC has pioneered and shepherded the development of urban forestry throughout California. Through its efforts to promote urban forestry, CaUFC has grown to an organization of over 300 members from the public, private and non-profit sectors, and continues to expand its outreach to the growing network of people interested in urban forestry. Today, there are urban forests councils modeled after CaUFC in most every state in America.
Their programs include:
CaUFC sponsors and presents conferences, seminars, and workshops geared toward the specific needs of urban forestry professionals, the organizations and people that utilize urban forestry services, and the public. In addition to an annual conference that addresses issues critical to urban forestry in California, each year CaUFC presents a number of timely and useful workshops and seminars on topics such as: Threats to the Urban Forest, Eucalyptus Pest Management, Trees and the Law, Urban Wood Utilization, Solutions to Tree Insect Problems, Roots vs. Infrastructure, Managing and Protecting Heritage Trees, and Fire Safe Communities.
During the past 35 years, CaUFC has become an increasingly well-respected, strong, statewide voice for the urban forestry perspective and profession within the overall ecology and environmental protection movements. Our work has made CaUFC a highly regarded advisor and sometimes-partner in policymaking and political circles throughout the state.
CaUFC’s Certified Urban Forester program recognizes, encourages, and enhances the education, experience and professional status of urban forestry professionals, while providing the agencies, organizations and companies that utilize their services a benchmark for identifying qualified professionals. The program includes both educational and professional prerequisites, as well as a qualifying examination to become certified. Once certified, Urban Foresters are required to acquire continuing education units to maintain their certification.
Urban Forestry Awards
Each year, CaUFC honors excellence in Urban and Community Forestry in California in the following categories:
* Best Urban Forestry Program
* Durrell Maughn Founders Award
* Fred Anderson Award- Urban Forestry Volunteer of the Year
* Outstanding Urban Forestry Project of the Year
For more information, visit the California Urban Forests Council.