New ACT Member- Cascade Land Conservancy

Seattle, WA (June 16, 2009)- The Cascade Land Conservancy (CLC) is Washington’s largest independent land conservation and stewardship organization. Over the past decade, CLC has led the conservation of more than 150,000 acres ranging broadly from the recent expansion of Tacoma’s popular Snake Lake Park to conserving vast forested areas in the Snoqualmie Forest. CLC is uniquely positioned in the conservation community, known for its far-reaching programs, savvy thinking and ability to partner with diverse groups. It is the only private land trust that is dedicated to the region, and takes an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach, utilizing a comprehensive understanding of financial tools and tax law.

Based directly on community feedback and scientific review of their existing land base and population growth trends, Cascade Land Conservancy developed the most far-reaching and bold conservation initiative to date – The Cascade Agenda – which brings together business, civic and government leaders to accomplish two big goals:
*Our Lands: Protect 1 million acres of working forests (93% of existing timberland) and farms (85% of current agricultural lands) and 265,000 acres of shorelines, natural areas and parks.
*Our Communities: Maintain their rural economies and way of life and enhance the vibrancy and livability of their cities and towns.
The Cascade Agenda is an innovative new approach to conservation that encourages collaboration across all sectors; balances environmental, social and economic needs; emphasizes the link between vibrant cities and healthy rural lands; and uses creative new ways to protect land on a scale never seen before. This 100 year vision and immediate action plan is based on the input of thousands of residents across our region and offers pragmatic solutions to the challenges and opportunities created by our tremendous population growth. The Agenda calls for a market-based approach, recognizing that economic vitality and environmental protection are both critical to protecting our region’s quality of life.
The Cascade Land Conservancy envisions a region that combines spectacular landscapes, a vibrant economy and great places to live. They act with immediacy to protect the land in the region and lead a movement to connect conservation to the fabric of the community. They also have charted the Cascade Agenda, which addresses how the Puget Sound region will responsibly cope with its projected population growth of 3.5 million people in the next 100 years. They have currently raised $16.5 million for the Cascade Agenda, which will mostly go towards securing more land preservation areas.
The Conservancy was recently a partner of HomeStreet Bank in the HomeStreet Bank Tree Challenge, program that supports tree-planting programs throughout the Puget Sound region. They also worked with King County and Hancock Timber Resources Group to protect 90,000 of acres of working forest. The area is known as the Snoqualmie Tree Farm.
For more information, visit Cascade Land Conservancy.