New ACT Member- Cincinnati Parks Foundation

Cincinnati, OH (February 27, 2009)- The Cincinnati Parks Foundation is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization that builds broad-based private/public partnerships supporting the conservation and enhancement of the city’s parks and green spaces. The foundation is fully funded by private contributions, grants, planned gifts, corporate and in-kind support. Their mission is to provide beautiful, tranquil places where families can exercise and relax, children can play, and the splendor of nature can soothe and nurture our souls as individuals and as a community.

The City of Cincinnati parks system has been rated “excellent” by the Trust for Public Land. USA Today ranked Cincinnati Parks as one of the top three urban park systems in the nation. The system includes five regional and seventy neighborhood parks, as well as thirty-four nature preserves, parkways, and neighborhood gateways.
They also maintain Cincinnati’s Street Tree Program, which features 80,000 street on 1,000 miles of City streets. This adds up to management of 10% of the City’s land. They have an Urban Forestry Program, which is responsible for the planting, removing, and care of publicly maintained trees in the City’s right-of-way. There is also a Greenspace Program, which beautifies and maintains public green spaces on highways, parkways, community gateways, traffic islands, Downtown Cincinnati, community business districts and other public areas. In all they keep healthy more than 5,000 acres of land for the benefit of Cincinnati residents.
For more information, visit Cincinnati Parks Foundation.