New ACT Member- City of Denver Parks & Recreation

Denver (May 14, 2007)- During his 2006 annual State of the City address, Mayor John Hickenlooper announced an ambitious tree planting program, with a goal of adding one million new trees in the metropolitan Denver area by the year 2025. To manage this multi-year effort, the mayor, Denver Parks and Recreation and several community partners are working together on strategies to identify priority areas, track tree plantings and coordinate activities. The Million Tree Initiative kicked off April 21-28, 2007 by planting 7,000 trees in 7 days.

A Community Effort
Tree by Tree is a highly participatory component of Greenprint Denver. While many areas of the Action Agenda are focused on city operations and public policy, this program brings the Greenprint vision directly to our neighborhoods and public spaces, aiming to foster community stewardship among individuals, neighborhood associations, schools, nonprofits and businesses by planting trees.
Did you know?
Denver and the metro region are continuing to grow. Projections indicate over 1.3 million additional people will move to the metro area by 2030. The fastest growing parts of Denver are expected to be the northeast quadrant, with 70% growth in trip generation, and the Downtown area, with more than 50% growth.
Why Trees?
Trees facilitate sustainability by improving the quality of our natural surroundings. Numerous studies have shown that trees help reduce greenhouse gases that cause global warming, control erosion, prevent water runoff, and provide natural cooling to buildings and pavement. Trees also yield economic benefits such as lower energy bills, reduced noise, and higher property values; and social benefits such as reduced crime, higher test scores, and faster hospital recovery times. And, they add beauty to our neighborhoods. The initiative will be encouraging the planting of Colorado-friendly trees that are adapted to the uniquely semi-arid climate and will not use too much water.
Join Us!
We can each make an investment in – and a commitment to – the future. Every tree planted will contribute to the success of Tree by Tree and assist in improving the city’s overall environment. The public is encouraged to participate in this campaign by planting trees and informing the city of tree plantings and volunteering time to tree planting organizations.
To find out more, visit the City of Denver Parks & Recreation.