New ACT Member- City of Lewiston

Lewiston, ID (July 26, 2007)- Lewiston is located in North Central Idaho at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers across the Snake River from Clarkston, Washington, a sister community. The City of Lewiston has developed a visionary perspective involving trees. At the end of the next fifty-year time frame, the City will be maintaining a healthy, productive community forest. It is their objective to share what is learned while developing this program and to pass along the ideas that so many others shared with them.

In order to accomplish this vision, the following agenda should be achieved:
* The Urban Forestry Program evolves into a financially self-supporting program. Through trust funds and the sale of wood products from trees removed from parks and street planting strips, revenue will be generated to fund the program.
* The community forest will be comprised of a variety of species and age classes which insulate the population from devastating insect and disease outbreaks.
* All trees on public right-of-way and in parks will be maintained according to currently accepted professional standards on an established schedule.
* The urban forest will be an economic asset and source of community pride.
* All management decisions concerning the urban forest will be implemented with the full knowledge of the impact on the defined Lewiston urban ecosystem. For example, major parking lots will not be permitted without tree shading.
In the short-term, current issues include:
* Eliminating tree topping on private property.
* Commercial landscaping to improve business.
* Maintaining a diversity of species on streets and parks.
* Maintaining a level of citizen knowledge for informed decision making
* Cooperation of Community Forestry Program with Nez Perce County.
Some of their programs include:
* Demonstration Fuel Break- The City of Lewiston, Idaho Department of Lands and USDA Forest Service are cooperating on a project to demonstrate fire resistant landscaping to homeowners in fire prone areas.
* Flowering Crabapple Test Plantation- Cooperative project with University of Idaho and International Society of Ornamental Crabapple (Malus spp.) Trees to test 400 cultivars under various conditions.
* Lewis-Clark Gateway Garden- In cooperation with the USDA – Forest Service and the Idaho Department of Lands establishing a 2 acre garden featuring plants discovered by the Lewis-Clark Expedition.
The garden in located along State Highway 95 near the Flying J Truck Stop in North Lewiston.
* Historical Scriptural Tree Garden- A one acre garden in Sunset Park that contains plants mentioned in the Bible. Ancient and modern uses of plants research and labeled as an Eagle Scout project.
For more information, visit the City of Lewiston.